The Team

The Music Box Team outside Pudsey House
Picture of Dan De Lissandri

Electronic music loving, event promoting, DJ & Music Producer and tutor.

Dan De Lissandri

Dan is a DJ and Music Producer who loves making music and performing. On the weekend Dan can be found DJing in Bars and Clubs in Leeds and during the week he teaches DJing and Music Production to Young People in Schools and on youth projects as well as Adults on other courses.

Dan enjoys passing on his musical skills to other people who want to learn more about music and can teach anyone how to DJ and make music.

Stuff Dan Does

Picture of Kate Frazer playing guitar

Passionate about the arts & music, loves to perform and collaborate with others

Kate Frazer

Kate is an all rounder within the music industry who has worked on events within the community, collaborating with musicians and performers at venues in the local area. Kate recently recorded and released a song in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust and is founder of Schoolz at Home. Kate will be releasing new original music soon with European Music Producers The Marveltonez.

Kate has years of teaching experience in schools and colleges around West Yorkshire and she is passionate about sharing musical experience and knowledge to aspiring young musicians and people.

Stuff Kate Does

Rich Huxley in a recording studio

Short, enthusiastic musician seeks bright minds for artistic collaboration

Rich Huxley

Rich is a musician, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, vocalist, record producer, educator, ukulele enthusiast, one-man community music hub. Rich plays strings and things and sings with Hope and Social and is founder of the world’s first fan-funded record label. Rich is an award winning creative entrepreneur who works internationally as an artist, songwriter, producer and creative entrepreneur.

Rich is a strong believer in the power of music as a force for empowerment, joy, for social engagement and for the greater good. You can find him enthusing people into playing music across Yorkshire and the globe.

Stuff Rich Does

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